Current Team Members

Below is the current roster of The Nitro Girls.
Legacy Members.

Lanee' Sanders

Lanee' Sanders

A comedy writer, improviser, and breakfast aficionado hailing from Virginia, Lanee' is a woman of great depth and international intrigue. She's never met a person living or dead who's been able to look her in eyes without saying "hello" or walking away. That's a fact.

She has studied sketch and improv comedy at the Magnet Theater. Lanee’ has performed with Moxie (Formerly The Lady Sketch Lab) and various Director's Series at the Magnet Theater. She’s a member of Good @ Sports and currently directs the sketch team Gary from HR.

Her favorite cake? Chocolate everything.


Joe Lepore

Joe began performing sketch comedy in 2006 at Fordham University and began studying improv at the Magnet in 2011.

At the Magnet, Joe can be seen every Friday a member of the Sketch Team The Nitro Girls. He directed the sketch teams Action Park and Dinosaur Jones, also at the Magnet. He produces his own sketch comedy videos and has appeared in videos for Guyism and CollegeHumor.

He also performs Improv with the Inspirado-Champion indie team EagleFox, both at the Magnet and around the country. EagleFox has performed at festivals in Toronto, Chapel Hill, Baltimore, Boston, Austin, and Vancouver.

Johnathan Ross

Johnathan Ross is a Brooklyn based actor, director, producer, improvisor, and developer. He directed Magnet Theater house team Mama's Boy for 2 seasons. Johnathan has studied comedy and writing at the Magnet Theater and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) under extraordinary comedic talents including Keisha Zollar, Peter McNerney, Molly Lloyd, Chet Seigel, and Anthony Apruzzese, Megan Grey, Louis Kornfeld, Hannah Chase, and Elana Fishbein.

He also produced, co-wrote, and co-starred the web series Six Story Walk-Up, and has appeared in videos featured on Funny or Die.